Patio Door Security – Keeping Your Family Safe

March 26, 2010

The patio door is one of the major security vulnerabilities in many houses. Patio door security solutions are often faced with many problems that hinder the installation of perfect security measures. As most patio doors span along a wide area and because a large proportion of a patio door is made from glass; patio door security is difficult to implement unless multiple strategies are adopted. So, how can you enhance your patio door security?

Installing security bars can markedly benefit your patio security shield. The market is flooded with security bars that can be convenient for doors on your patio. Apart from the classic rather large bars, it is advisable to choose simple security bars that are made from stainless steel which are both durable and elegant. Many decorative designs and themes of security bars are present on many online auctions, so you will sure find a unit that goes with the style of your door. Moreover, if you're highly concerned about your security, you can get a security bar which is equipped with an alarm. Most importantly, it is important to choose a security bar that is a simple, yet effective door stopper.

It can be markedly increased by installing secondary locks. Always look for secondary locks that are manufactured by well reputable producers. Although aesthetic factors are important, it should be overlooked and reliability and durability should be the only factors looked for when searching for secondary locks to augment your patio door security system. Many types of secondary locks are present on today's rather expanding market. Apart from conventional deadbolt secondary locks, some high-tech secondary locks are both highly efficient and indulging. Some secondary locks feature keyless remotes which are very efficient and sometimes come with pre-equipped alarm systems.

One of the most important security vulnerabilities is that most of a door is made from glass. In other words, whatever secondary locks or security bars you install, a burglar can always break into your house by breaking the glass of the door. Security can be enhanced through attaching security bars over the glass of the door. In such case, even if the glass is shattered, a burglar won't be able to break in. On the other hand, glass is now manufactured in variable strength forms. Some glass sheets are almost impossible to break or are even bullet proof. However, strong glass sheets are very expensive and can really cause a fortune. So, it is always wise to weigh your risks and budget carefully. For example, if you want an optimum door security system although you are on a tight budget, you can buy a medium strength glass sheets and combine them with security bars for a synergistic security effect.

The patio door security system is always vulnerable due to many factors that are related to the nature of a patio door. Combining multiple security strategies is one of the best ways to maximize your patio door security measures.

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