Types of Patio Door Locks

March 22, 2010

In many modern homes there are often patios built adjacent to the house and are connected by a sliding glass door. These doors provide easy access to the patio from the house and vice versa. They also provide a great view to your backyard and other great views from your house. Although there are many advantages to installing doors out to the patio, which are primarily related to style and convenience for homeowners, there are also a few concerns surrounding the use of patio doors. This is of particular concern with the patio door locks used to provide extra security against burglars attempting to break into the home through a patio door with ill-equipped locks.

The biggest concern for most is that the sliding track on the door will be derailed and will allow intruders to enter the home. Some choose in this circumstance to alter the patio door locks themselves and make changes to the door. This method works well, but sacrifices warranties left on the doors in the event that something might happen. Others may choose to purchase additional patio door locks that come equipped with an alarm that will sound if any unusual motion is detected from the sliding glass door. This method does not sacrifice the warranty coverage, but often times ends up costing more in the actual investment.

There are many kinds of locks that are available for affordable prices. Some popular types of door locks include step down clamp locks that lock the slide track into position and when engaged prevent the track from moving. Other locks include simply a sensor if the door is moved. You can also buy patio door locks that simply have a bar running across the length of the door to prevent the door from moving. There are also easy to use spring loaded locks available.

The use of patio door locks will greatly increase the overall security of your home and make it a place that is safe at all times. With proper locks on your doors, you can rest your head and know that you and your family are safe due to affordable locks guarding and protection your homes

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Sanno_Zaye

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