How Do You Go About Replacing a Patio Door?

March 22, 2010

Over time, patio doors tend to become worn and tattered looking. The patio door components will often start to break off making the door difficult to open and close. This is often an indication that it is time to replace the patio door. Replacing a patio door is not difficult for the novice handyman. It just takes patience and following all the steps involved with installing the doors.

The following is a guide to replacing a patio door.

1. One should remove the old patio door by dissembling it and removing it in pieces. First, remove the sliding door and fixed panel. Remove the screws from the top and bottom of the fixed panel.

2. Pull off the panel that is stopping the door from being lifted. Lift the door from its track. Remove any screws that are in the panel, including the screws are around the track system.

3. Remove the second frame the same way that you removed the first frame. Remove any remaining screws and then remove the tracks from the frame. Lift the rollers by slipping the tip of the screwdriver under them.

4. Remove the second frame. Pull the metal flashing out. Clear out any wood pieces, nails, and screws so that everything is smooth,

5. Shim the wall frame. Make sure all sides are level and shim each side to meet the new patio door's size requirements.

6. Install the new patio door. First, install the interior molding. Nail the molding to the frame.

7. Place the top edge of the door in first, placing the rollers back into the track. Move the bottom of the door in line with the track at the bottom of the frame. Most bottom rollers are spring loaded so they are easy to install.

8. Nail and screw in the door frames and molding. Make sure that you seal the outside joints with caulk.

9. Once the door is in the frame, adjust it so that it is line with the rollers. If necessary, re-position the lock.

10. Make sure you reinsert the screws. Patch and finish any damaged spots. Add the trim.

11. When finished, test the patio door in the track by sliding the door open and then closing it.

Depending on what type of new patio doors you have purchased, there are a number of ways to install them. When installing the doors, make sure you understand the type of doors you have in case there are specific steps that must be taken in order to install them properly. If you are unsure about installing the patio doors, you should hire someone who has the skill and experience to install them.

Patio doors make an attractive feature to one's home. They have become extremely popular and patio designers have made many improvements in style and design. As well, safety glass is now used to avoid injuries, particularly children who may accidentally run into the doors. Patio doors increase the value of your home so it is important that when you replace old doors with new doors, it is done properly.

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