One super way to reduce energy consumption is to get some curtains that insulate your patio doors. There are tons of selections to suit your decor. The current insulated patio door drapes are completely customizable for your needs. Some people don't want neutral colors, so there are zillions of other choices.

These offer much more than the simply made curtains that just covered your windows. Today you can choose from many colors and designs such as pinch pleat, courtyard, valance, unique collections, solid, patterns etc. Insulated patio door drapes are for use in the colder months and should be changed to lighter drapes in spring and summer.

Alternating all your curtains will result in a longer life for the curtains. Leaving the same curtains up all year around can result in fading and causes them to tear easily. Drapes can actually change the look of your room instantly. They can also be made to look like regular unlined curtains. You can also order them through an online company based on what you want. They will provide you with the drapes and ideas for hanging them.

Insulated patio door drapes serve two purposes, they keep cold air out and they also offer privacy the way a blind does. When you shut these drapes the lining keeps anyone outside from seeing inside. These drapes will also keep out some of the sun's rays. They cannot entirely shut out the sun's light but they do darken the room quite a bit, allowing you to get that much needed sleep.

Putting lined drapes on the doors to your patio looks good, and serves a function, too. On cold mornings, when there is ice on the doors, you can see why insulation is important. These drapes are suspended from a rod or hooks, and are big enough to cover the whole zone. There are so many types and options available, so you can definitely find one that you like. Make sure you pick a thick kind, so it can serve as an insulator, too.

You can find insulated drapes in a wide variety of stores. Try local stores and retail outlets for cheap curtains and drapes. Another place is typically has a large selection of drapes is a specialized furnishing store. Remember to measure the windows you want to find drapes for before you get to the store and discover you have found the perfect drape, but do not know what size to buy. Don't just assume that every window or patio door is the same size and that there is a one size fits all option available. Make sure you know exact measurements for your window.

If you want to save on utility bills and conserve energy, insulated patio door drapes are a good idea. Patio door drapes can be found for every preference. Not all people like the same colors, so a wide variety of drapes and ideas are available.

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Patio Door Cleaning

April 3, 2010

One of the best ways I have come across of cleaning old style patio doors is with simple household products that you will probably already have in your kitchen.

First step is to dig out a bucket that you would use to clean the car or wash your outside areas. Next stage is to go and get some vinegar from your kitchen cupboard – I don't mean white wine, or cider vinegar, just your common vinegar that you put on your chips! The other type of vinegar that can also be used is white vinegar. Now the way that I make my cleaning solution is to use one third vinegar to two thirds water. This is just a rough guide, but I find that this works really well when trying to get rid of stubborn stains. I should also mention that using warm water will help a great deal if your patio doors are in need of a really good clean. So now you have a bucket full of warm water and one third vinegar, you are ready to go.

I would recommend using a lint free cloth for cleaning the glass, of if you don't have one of these cloths to hand, then i would suggest using a leather chammy cloth. Using the vinegar and warm water method should allow you to get most of the stains off, although you may need to use a little 'elbow grease' as well.

My dad always taught me to clean cars from the bottom of the car to the top, and the same can be true for windows as well. If you start at the top, all the dirt will smear all the way down the glass and cause streaks, whereas if you start from the bottom, all the dirty water will be washing with the clean smooth window and will simply drain down the glass quite quickly.

If you don't have any vinegar to hand (and right now, I don't) you could always use a car glass cleaner for your patio door windows as well. This will work just as well, but you will need to have 2 lint free cloths for this, one to wax on and one to wax off (think Karate Kid One).

Bespoke Patio Doors
Folding Sliding Doors

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It is a fact like no other that you are required to choose only the perfect window treatment for your doorway and patio areas. The reason for this is that the doorway provides transition between your home's in and outside decor. Homeowners usually have an unbelievable selection of products to pick and choose from. This is especially true when it comes to deciding on the right treatment for patio doors. You can either opt for drapes aka curtains or patio door blinds, depending on your personal taste and preferences of course.

Patio door blinds have increased immensely in terms of popularity the last couple of years. Gone are the days of tattered blinds which scream 'replace me' every six months. The window treatment market has evolved drastically, now offering an endless selection of blinds that require replacement every other decade and that truly compliments the rest of your homes decor.

But what are the crucial characteristics you need to look for when purchasing door blinds?- Well, usually patio door blinds are divided into two rather broad categories, namely modern and cold styles and the warmer and earthy designs.

Most homeowners tend to be guided by the current trends when making their decision. Just take our very good case in point. You are the proud owner of very modern, cold furnishings with old warm and earthy type blinds. Not a good combination, hey? On the other hand, if you're furniture is more of vintage and earthy nature modern blinds will also not be suitable. You shouldn't have too much trouble making the right decision.

Blind advantages are endless. Homeowners benefit from the fantastic contribution it makes to the overall d�cor of a home and also a variety of practical purposes. Blinds are super easy to install. If you ask most homeowners, many of them will confess that they avoid DIY part of blind installation. You will however be surprising to know that it will take a mere hour or two to fully install your patio door blinds, successfully.

Many people reside in areas where temperatures can super high and even super lower levels. If you are one of them, you need should get window treatment that will insulate your home. Picking the right blinds has many, many more benefits than the obvious. It can also provide fantastic insulation against extreme weather conditions. This insulation will effectively keep the cold and heat outside and total comfort in.

Homeowners have an unbelievable selection of products to pick and choose from. This is especially true when it comes to deciding on the right treatment for patio doors. You can either opt for drapes aka curtains or patio door blinds. More info on

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The patio door is one of the major security vulnerabilities in many houses. Patio door security solutions are often faced with many problems that hinder the installation of perfect security measures. As most patio doors span along a wide area and because a large proportion of a patio door is made from glass; patio door security is difficult to implement unless multiple strategies are adopted. So, how can you enhance your patio door security?

Installing security bars can markedly benefit your patio security shield. The market is flooded with security bars that can be convenient for doors on your patio. Apart from the classic rather large bars, it is advisable to choose simple security bars that are made from stainless steel which are both durable and elegant. Many decorative designs and themes of security bars are present on many online auctions, so you will sure find a unit that goes with the style of your door. Moreover, if you're highly concerned about your security, you can get a security bar which is equipped with an alarm. Most importantly, it is important to choose a security bar that is a simple, yet effective door stopper.

It can be markedly increased by installing secondary locks. Always look for secondary locks that are manufactured by well reputable producers. Although aesthetic factors are important, it should be overlooked and reliability and durability should be the only factors looked for when searching for secondary locks to augment your patio door security system. Many types of secondary locks are present on today's rather expanding market. Apart from conventional deadbolt secondary locks, some high-tech secondary locks are both highly efficient and indulging. Some secondary locks feature keyless remotes which are very efficient and sometimes come with pre-equipped alarm systems.

One of the most important security vulnerabilities is that most of a door is made from glass. In other words, whatever secondary locks or security bars you install, a burglar can always break into your house by breaking the glass of the door. Security can be enhanced through attaching security bars over the glass of the door. In such case, even if the glass is shattered, a burglar won't be able to break in. On the other hand, glass is now manufactured in variable strength forms. Some glass sheets are almost impossible to break or are even bullet proof. However, strong glass sheets are very expensive and can really cause a fortune. So, it is always wise to weigh your risks and budget carefully. For example, if you want an optimum door security system although you are on a tight budget, you can buy a medium strength glass sheets and combine them with security bars for a synergistic security effect.

The patio door security system is always vulnerable due to many factors that are related to the nature of a patio door. Combining multiple security strategies is one of the best ways to maximize your patio door security measures.

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In many modern homes there are often patios built adjacent to the house and are connected by a sliding glass door. These doors provide easy access to the patio from the house and vice versa. They also provide a great view to your backyard and other great views from your house. Although there are many advantages to installing doors out to the patio, which are primarily related to style and convenience for homeowners, there are also a few concerns surrounding the use of patio doors. This is of particular concern with the patio door locks used to provide extra security against burglars attempting to break into the home through a patio door with ill-equipped locks.

The biggest concern for most is that the sliding track on the door will be derailed and will allow intruders to enter the home. Some choose in this circumstance to alter the patio door locks themselves and make changes to the door. This method works well, but sacrifices warranties left on the doors in the event that something might happen. Others may choose to purchase additional patio door locks that come equipped with an alarm that will sound if any unusual motion is detected from the sliding glass door. This method does not sacrifice the warranty coverage, but often times ends up costing more in the actual investment.

There are many kinds of locks that are available for affordable prices. Some popular types of door locks include step down clamp locks that lock the slide track into position and when engaged prevent the track from moving. Other locks include simply a sensor if the door is moved. You can also buy patio door locks that simply have a bar running across the length of the door to prevent the door from moving. There are also easy to use spring loaded locks available.

The use of patio door locks will greatly increase the overall security of your home and make it a place that is safe at all times. With proper locks on your doors, you can rest your head and know that you and your family are safe due to affordable locks guarding and protection your homes

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If you have a sliding patio door in your home, you know that the screened portion of the door will become worn and damaged over time. With years of use, metal screens will get dents and creases, fiberglass screens can easily become pulled out of their frame, and cloth screens can be ripped, torn, or moth-eaten. One of the easiest do-it-yourself projects you can tackle at home is to rescreen your sliding door.

Rescreening the door yourself will save time and money, and the end product will result in a major facelift to that area of your home.

The first step in rescreening your door is to measure with height and width of the screen frame. Be sure to add a minimum of 2 additional inches to both measurements, to ensure that you have enough material. If you want to err on the side of caution, add 4 to 6 inches to each measurement.

When you go to the hardware store to buy new screen fabric, be sure to take some time to read about the benefits of each type of material. Look for a material that won't be eaten by insects and that contains some type of UV inhibitor to prevent fading and decay. If you live in an area where gnats are a problem, you may also want to choose a very fine mesh to prevent gnats and other small bugs from squeezing through. Keep in mind, however, that the finer meshed screens are also darker, and will let less light shine through.

There are several other items you'll want to pick up while you're at the hardware store. One of these is a product called screen spline. Spline is a thin, spaghetti-like rubber material that is rolled into a groove around a screen door to hold the screen in place. Spline comes in many sizes, so it's advisable to take along a small piece of your existing spline that was holding the old screen in place. You'll also need to purchase a special tool for rolling the spline into the groove, usually called a spline roller. Most large hardware stores will carry such tools, and they make the job much faster and easier. Some spline rollers even feature small hook-shaped knives at the end for cutting off the excess screen fabric, which is a much safer method than using a plain utility blade.

Once you're back at home with all your tools, you'll need to remove the screen door from its rolling track and find a flat place to do the work. A clean garage or porch floor can work quite well. Begin by removing the old spline from all the grooves. Once the spline is removed, the old screen fabric will pull away quite easily. If the channel that holds the spline is dirty, now would be a good time to wipe or vacuum it out.

Now you're ready to install your new screen. Center the new piece of screen fabric over the opening, and begin rolling your spline into the groove, with the screen fabric under it. If possible, having a second person to assist you with this process, by holding the screen square, is very helpful. However, if you do not have someone to help, consider taping the four corners of your screen to the door frame with painters tape. This will help to keep your screen in place as you work your way around the door. Use your spline roller tool to roll the spline into place, making sure it's deeply seated into the channel. Continue this process, working your way around all four sides of the door. When you're done, the screen should be well stretched and taught. The final step is to cut off the excess screen fabric. Perform this step carefully; you don't want to accidentally cut your newly stretched screen.

Unless your door gets a lot of use or you have young children or pets in your home, most homeowners will only need to rescreen their doors once every 5 to 10 years. Once you've completed this project, you'll have the satisfaction of having done the work yourself and knowing that you'll be ready to perform the job again when it's needed next. Now your screen door should look like new again and will be ready for years of additional use in your home.

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Over time, patio doors tend to become worn and tattered looking. The patio door components will often start to break off making the door difficult to open and close. This is often an indication that it is time to replace the patio door. Replacing a patio door is not difficult for the novice handyman. It just takes patience and following all the steps involved with installing the doors.

The following is a guide to replacing a patio door.

1. One should remove the old patio door by dissembling it and removing it in pieces. First, remove the sliding door and fixed panel. Remove the screws from the top and bottom of the fixed panel.

2. Pull off the panel that is stopping the door from being lifted. Lift the door from its track. Remove any screws that are in the panel, including the screws are around the track system.

3. Remove the second frame the same way that you removed the first frame. Remove any remaining screws and then remove the tracks from the frame. Lift the rollers by slipping the tip of the screwdriver under them.

4. Remove the second frame. Pull the metal flashing out. Clear out any wood pieces, nails, and screws so that everything is smooth,

5. Shim the wall frame. Make sure all sides are level and shim each side to meet the new patio door's size requirements.

6. Install the new patio door. First, install the interior molding. Nail the molding to the frame.

7. Place the top edge of the door in first, placing the rollers back into the track. Move the bottom of the door in line with the track at the bottom of the frame. Most bottom rollers are spring loaded so they are easy to install.

8. Nail and screw in the door frames and molding. Make sure that you seal the outside joints with caulk.

9. Once the door is in the frame, adjust it so that it is line with the rollers. If necessary, re-position the lock.

10. Make sure you reinsert the screws. Patch and finish any damaged spots. Add the trim.

11. When finished, test the patio door in the track by sliding the door open and then closing it.

Depending on what type of new patio doors you have purchased, there are a number of ways to install them. When installing the doors, make sure you understand the type of doors you have in case there are specific steps that must be taken in order to install them properly. If you are unsure about installing the patio doors, you should hire someone who has the skill and experience to install them.

Patio doors make an attractive feature to one's home. They have become extremely popular and patio designers have made many improvements in style and design. As well, safety glass is now used to avoid injuries, particularly children who may accidentally run into the doors. Patio doors increase the value of your home so it is important that when you replace old doors with new doors, it is done properly.

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